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1. Can I pay for TAP and SCP schemes contribution online?

Effective 1st November 2016, Employers are required to make their contribution payments via e-Amanah.

Members and employers who have registered to e-Amanah online services can make their contribution payments for both TAP and SCP online. 

Members and employers who have not registered may register online via TAP’s website, under the e-Amanah tab. (e-Amanah Employers’ Handbook can be downloaded from TAP’s website)

2. From which banks can I use to make payments on e-Amanah?

Payment can be done through the internet banking facilities from BIBD, Baiduri Bank and SCB.

3. Do I need to pay TAP and SCP scheme contribution separately?

No. Effective 1st April 2014, the payment of TAP and SCP contributions can be made in one payment by using e-Amanah.

Payments that are made using cheque, postal order, or money order shall be made payable to the  ' Tabung Amanah Pekerja ’.


4. Where can I get my TAP and SCP statement account?

Member's Account Statements can be obtained from e-Amanah online service via www.tap.com.bn or by using TAP’s e-Info Kiosk.

5. What was the rate of dividend declared in the last 3 years for TAP and SCP scheme?

The dividend rate for TAP and SCP scheme for the last 3 years:


1.0 percent for the period from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014,

1.0 percent for the period from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 and

1.0 percent for the period from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016


6. Where is TAP fund invested?

TAP 's fund is invested both locally and globally in the form of sukuk, bond, fixed deposits and equities. Tap's investments is not allowed in sectors involved in gambling, tobacco, weapons, alcohol and pork related.

7. The mandatory retirement age is 60 years and TAP is only mandatory until the age of 55 years. What about the remaining five (5) years?    
TAP contribution is no longer mandatory after the age of 55. However, employers and employees are still required to pay their SCP contributions.

8. Does Voluntary Contribution apply to employers?
Employers may contribute voluntarily (more than the pre-determined mandatory rate) to their employees if they wish to, however it is not mandatory.


9. What if I can only pay voluntary contribution this month, but not next month?
Voluntary contributions are not required to be made monthly. You may contribute as and when you wish to, which is a minimum of $10.00 for TAP Voluntary Contribution while there is no minimum for SCP voluntary contribution.


10. If one does not work, can he register and open a TAP account to pay voluntary contributions?    
Voluntary contributions are only allowed for TAP members who are registered by their employers.


11. Can housing withdrawal be made for the purpose of expanding the house?
TAP Housing Withdrawal Scheme contained in TAP is available for the construction or purchase or to pay the balance of buying or building a new home only. This includes for paying the balance of the house under the National Housing Scheme. As for the purpose of home renovation and purchases of home furniture is not included in the TAP Housing Withdrawal Scheme.


12. If I already made a withdrawal at the age of 50, can I apply for a second withdrawal at the age of 52 years?

 Withdrawal at the age of 50 can only be made once.